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Do Reckless Driving Points Transfer Out of State?

Do Reckless Driving Points Transfer Out of State?

So you were driving through the beautiful Virginia countryside, enjoying the Blue Ridge mountains and the fall leaves, on your way to a vacation destination – the beach? the Smoky Mountains? – when suddenly, blue lights flicker in your rearview mirror and your heart skips.

You have been charged with reckless driving for going 80 mph or more on a Virginia highway.

When you get home, you are inundated with letters from traffic lawyers, someone with vaguely ominous warnings about the gravity of your charge. Ridiculous, you think to yourself. This cannot be all that serious. I will just prepay the fine, waive the points, and after all, the reckless driving charge won’t transfer out of state, right? Right?!

Wrong. Your reckless driving conviction – and the six points associated with it – can and will transfer out of state. Reckless driving points transfer from Virginia to Maryland, and North Carolina, and New York. In fact, due to an interstate compact among departments of motor vehicles, there is a good chance that if you ignore your reckless driving charge in Virginia, it will show up on your out of state record.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to prevent the reckless driving points from transferring out of stateGet the charge reduced. Or better yet, dismissed! Yes, you can – and should! – challenge your reckless driving charge to prevent the points from ending up on your record.

Do not let that reckless driving charge ruin your vacation. A lawyer can help convince the court to reduce the charge from reckless driving (six points), to speeding (three points), or possible to defective equipment (zero points), so that you can protect your record, and your insurance rates.

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