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How to Fight a Reckless Driving Case

How to Fight a Reckless Driving Case

How can you contest a reckless driving charge? Hire a lawyer to attend court on your behalf to try and get the charge reduced or dismissed. There are two strategies: mitigation defense and technical defense.

If mitigation defense (“Yes, I was speeding, but I am looking for leniency”), send the lawyer to court with:

  1. Driving record
  2. Letters of recommendation
  3. Safe driving course certificate
  4. Speedometer calibration
  5. Community service hours

If technical defense (“Yes, I was driving, but not above 80 mph or in excess of 20 mph above speed limit”), the lawyer will challenge

  1. Calibration of officer’s radar gun;
  2. Compliance with Virginia State Police standards on traffic patrol;
  3. Distance of radar reading;
  4. Traffic conditions

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